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Our mission is to empower businesses.

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A note from our Founder, Harold Leo:

I started L3 to empower businesses. Our team brings together more than 60 years of IT experience and thought leadership, working across healthcare, finance, and retail institutions. While working with a healthcare customer on a data solution storing critical private patient information, the need for creating a better business became clear.

The customer required improved RPO/RTO, relocation of storage resources, several process innovations, while attempting to work through corporate bureaucracy that was extending the project timelines. It was clear that creating a differentiated service offering that addressed not only the technology solution but also the people and process was important to create a complete solution. L3 is inspired by learnings from this challenging customer project and many others.

Our approach is to minimize pitfalls in purchasing IT products and solutions, and help our customers meet their business needs while meeting their budgetary requirements and project timelines. Our service offerings are flexible and aim to improve operational efficiency of IT teams to best support their customers.  

Our Team

Harold J. Leo

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Harold founded L3 Data Services in 2020, focusing on helping customers purchase storage, software, and data networking solutions to accelerate their digital transformation. He is also focused on creating service offerings that allow businesses to offer reliable, high performance, highly available data services while keeping an eye on total cost of ownership and value.  

Prior to L3, Harold spent thirteen years at NetApp creating solutions for key accounts, as well as working in a technical support engineering role. He also has a background in technology consulting with several regional and national companies.

Outside of working with customers, Harold’s goal is to create a value-based company that fosters teamwork and value-based living.

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Anthony Pappion

Strategy Officer

Anthony is the Strategy Officer at L3 Data Services and is responsible for financial management and Strategic Sales. A 14-year veteran of banking and financial services, Anthony has an extensive background in asset-liability management and risk management helping companies manage risk to discern key issues for decision making and execution.

Anthony has established a reputation for building world-class teams and for aligning financial, business metrics, and programs to support business strategy and growth.

Jennifer Bivins

Inside Sales Specialist

Jennifer is an Inside Sales Specialist at L3 and is responsible for supporting sales teams in the field and managing backend sales operations. In addition, Jennifer is responsible for lead generation and lead qualification.

Jennifer brings 15 years of experience from the finance and retail industries ranging from customer facing individual contributor roles to managing teams.

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