Empowering Businesses

Our business environment is rapidly changing and relies on high-performing data and technology solutions. It’s critical that organizations minimize disruption, maximize performance, are ready for exponential scale, and achieve data integrity through security and resilience.

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01 High Performance Computing (HPC)

L3 specializes in high-performance NetApp storage solutions for heavy, critical workloads. We create solutions that are easy to deploy, scalable, and have a low total cost of ownership so that you can focus on what matters most for your business.

02 AI + Deep Learning

Getting your data flowing to train learning models is critical. L3 understands how to secure your data and make sure it’s easily accessible by integrating it with your data pipeline. From edge to core to cloud, L3 solutions have you covered.

03 Cloud Strategy

It's essential that your data strategy incorporates the cloud in today's business environment. With NetApp, L3 builds solutions that span both on-premises data requirements and the cloud whether using AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Our solutions allow you to use data without cloud lock-in.

04 Data Center Infrastructure

Architecting data center infrastructure to be cost effective and scalable has never been easier thanks to L3 's partnership with NetApp storage solutions. We help with consolidating existing infrastructure, expanding storage at scale, increasing performance to meet tomorrow's needs, and managing infrastructure more efficiently.

05 Hybrid Cloud

L3 helps businesses meet infrastructure needs faster with converged, hyper converged, and hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions. Whether it's increasing workload consolidation, creating app and data mobility across multicloud, or creating guaranteed performance and protection, L3 has the right solution.

06 Virtualization

L3 architects solutions that help you get the most out of your container or virtualization infrastructure. We leverage NetApp to create granular, high performance, and scalable storage solutions across several key enterprise workloads and make deployment efficient and easy.

07 Data Management

With data needs growing faster than ever, managing and maintaining control on premises and in the cloud is critical. Data compliance, security, access, and insights shouldn't be an afterthought. L3 makes it easy to manage and monitor data intelligently to best power your business.

08 Compliance + Security

L3 offers solutions that provide comprehensive, standards based authorization and access control that are cost effective and simple to use. L3 partners with NetApp to provide solutions that comply with the latest data privacy regulations with industry leading data encryption and immutability built in.


Our mission is to empower businesses.

Our team brings together more than 60 years of IT experience and thought leadership working with healthcare, finance, and retail institutions.  

We’re experienced with matching the right technology solutions to meet business needs and have a passion for what we do.  

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we serve the mid-Atlantic region and can gladly meet with you to discuss your exact needs.

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